About Us

We listen. We design. We build.

Opening your home to strangers is not something we expect you to take lightly. That’s why the experts of Kizuri Homes strive to understand you and your needs while you’re getting to know us. This will build the trust necessary to increase your comfort level, and to ensure that we’re all on the same page as we bring your vision to life. Communication is the key to a successful partnership, and we take pride in our ability to keep you in the loop with you every step of the way!

For your custom construction project, we will assign you a team dedicated to bringing your vision to fruition. Your team will include a dedicated design consultant, designer, and project manager. These individuals will see your project through from start to finish. Our process is simple but detailed.

Over the years, we have developed long-lasting partnerships and by utilizing these connections, we make it our mission to provide the finest quality construction supplies. The hard work and dedication of our engineers and artisans have helped us to become Kenya’s number one resource for all of your construction, supply, and custom design needs.

Transport and Construction

At our very core, Kizuri Homes is a transport and construction supplies company, with a fleet of lorries and trucks at your service. Not only do we deliver the finest quality materials in large quantities, but we do so in the shortest timeframe possible. Our ability to handle urgent orders sets us apart from our competitors. When you partner with Kizuri, we are 100% dedicated to the success of your project and are always at your service!

Quality Materials

Kizuri Homes is a one-stop shop for all of your supply needs. Whether you need sand, ballast, machine cut stones, quarry stones, red soil or hardcore murram, we have it readily available to fill your order. We know your time is precious, and make it a priority to create an effortless buying experience for our customers. We even offer a variety of highly secure payment methods, including MPESA.

Our experts know the “ins and outs” of this business and are affiliated with the National Construction Authority (NCA).  In an effort to protect your bottom line, and to preserve resources, we will even reveal the secrets of how to calculate everything while avoiding any waste! Contact us now and we’ll get you started off on the right foot. Remember, at Kizuri Homes: we listen, we design, and we build.