Custom Design Services

Additions and Remodelling 

Remodel  your home to reinvent your life!

With many phases requiring not only expertise in design but also structural know-how, remodelling your home or commercial space can quickly become an overwhelming project. At Kizuri Homes, we are up to the challenge! We believe that the remodelling process should be an exciting journey. We have built our reputation upon years of industry experience in building, remodeling and designing home additions. The result? A design that is customized to your exact specifications and personal tastes. We have built our reputation on the simple foundation to provide help and assistance, developing Kenya to its full potential. We will work with you from beginning to end to make sure that we create the exact look you seek!

Whether you are building and remodeling your entire bungalow or flat, or simply renovating a small section of your space, we understand that creating specialized living areas takes time, talent and careful planning. The home remodeling and design specialists at Kizuri Homes are dedicated to providing full-service custom designs and quality craftsmanship delivering your dream space on time and within budget!

At Kizuri Homes, it is more than just profits and earnings. Unlike other companies, we actually care about making our homeland a better place to live. We strive to offer commercial and residential design services that not only meet the needs of our customers, but that also have an impact on the very landscape of where we live. We combine our years of experience with our desire to create exceptionally crafted buildings and are here to assist you in any manner you see fit.

Together we will bring your vision to life! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Our Addition and Remodeling Services include:

  • Remodeling: kitchens, bathrooms, basements and whole bungalows. If you have a vision, we can bring it to life!
  • Additions: need a little extra space? Our team of expert designers and builders create custom designs that are both beautiful and functional. We are here to make the best use of your most personal asset, your property.


Custom Home Designs

Have you always wanted to build your dream home but simply didn’t know where to start? Well, the professionals at Kizuri Homes are here to help. Whether you seek to build your bungalow from the ground up or are looking to completely remodel your existing maisonette, our experts are up to the task!

Design a bungalow as unique as your are!

CUSTOM: We will plan and design your property to meet all of your specifications. At the end of the day, our designers know whose home it is … it’s all yours. We are here to simply make your dream home a tangible reality!

DESIGN:  Why would you want a home with a streetscape or a floor plan that developed from anyone else’s vision? We know the ideas are there, swimming around in your mind: the home of your dreams. Our team of designers and builders are here help design a home that is both beautiful and functional. At Kizuri Homes, we never let you forget that this is your home, and the design process should be fun and exciting!

BUILD: Affordable. Quality. On time. On budget.  At Kizuri Homes, we hire project managers who inspire confidence. Each one can build, can think creatively, and can troubleshoot any problem that might arise. Not to mention, we have a great team! They are a lot of fun to work with!

We are here to work on a plan that meets your vision. Contact us today and before you know it you’ll be relaxing in your dream home!

Outdoor Living Space 

At Kizuri Homes, our intent is to build and design a variety of customized construction projects and spaces that will compliment your home and unique personality. From the beginning of our partnership, our experts will work with you to create a design that will exceed all of your expectations. Our areas of expertise include decks, piers, porches, gazebos, pergolas, and gazebos. Whether you are looking to build a large outdoor entertaining area or a special space for smaller gatherings we the experts at Kizuri Home have got you covered from start to finish!

Front Porches

The front porch of your bungalow serves as the initial welcome center to your home. A front porch or back deck creates an aesthetically appealing outdoor environment that takes your home to the next level. We will design the structure to your specifications and can also include a complete itemized list, this way there are no hidden costs. We are so thorough that even a “do-it-yourself” project or small start-up will be able to easily follow the design plans.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor living areas are becoming the new must have for every home.  We possess the experience and design expertise to develop an array of outdoor spaces, completely tailored to your specifications. The perfect area for entertaining your guests and clients, an outdoor space offers an exciting element to your home or business.


Commercial Build-outs 

Done Right the First Time!

As a full-service contractor, we offer new commercial building, build-out, and remodelling services for new and existing commercial spaces. At Kizuri Homes, our team of building professionals can handle your commercial projects, to include restaurant renovations, retail remodelling, office suite build-out, and everything in between.

Our knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the building industry, including project management, fully prepares us to handle any challenge that may arise during a commercial build-out project or renovation.  Furthermore, we have established relationships with reputable sub-contractors and ensure that they are experts in their respective fields.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your free quote!

Office  Space

Make the Most of Your Office Space!

As our lives get busier and more demanding, a customs office is necessary to get the job done. Let the professionals at Kizuri Homes create an effective and enjoyable workspace tailored to your particular market, skill, or profession. Whether you seek individual or shared workspaces, open or closed display areas, a home office or a large space to house your organization you have come to the right place!

Kizuri Homes creates customized home and off-site offices and workstations that seek to inspire a space for productivity and success!  By working collaboratively, you and your Kizuri Homes design expert will create a design that not only complements your personal or corporate style but one that also blends seamlessly with your workflow.

We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help create the office space you have been searching for!