Management Team

At KHE, we adhere to a two-pronged approach to guarantee a successful project. First, all KHE’s project operations are managed by a team of versatile professionals that combine their pool of talents and expertise in procurement, culminating the highest caliber of construction and design. Second, all operations are supported in strategic thinking and execution by the Board of Directors, to include tendering, project management, business development, organizational development, and administration,


Every Top Tier Management Team is comprised of the Director and the Technical Director, who are assisted by other relevant and qualified team members. Together, the management team proactively gathers feedback, identifies variations in the business environment, reviews work processes, and communicates critical learning points and company policies to all key stakeholders.


Our management teams, under the guidance of the Director, also work with appointed consultants who lead the management team in areas of design, construction, and project management. From start to finish, every project has a clearly organised management team to ensure your vision come to fruition.