Quality Management Policy

At KHE, we strive to deliver quality-building projects, construction projects, and project management services that meet and exceed our client specifications and expectations. To achieve this, the following measures shall be established and complied with per our Company Policies:

  1. KHE will identify customer requirements and specifications, and will meet the requirements and carry out the services to the highest standards.
  2. KHE will ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and conditions regarding the services provided.
  • KHE will provide expert services to meet/exceed customer specifications by procuring the proper materials, maintaining equipment and necessary infrastructure in a high state of repair and maintenance.
  1. KHE will recruit highly qualified staff and improve the skills of employees to sustain the quality of products and services that meet/exceed, the customer expectations.
  2. KHE will optimize the performance and maintain strict monitoring of the project throughout its entire duration to meet the client requirements.
  3. KHE will continually identify, assess, and implement the measures and steps that improve the company’s Quality Management System.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy

KHE is dedicated to the belief that all accidents are preventable. We are 100% committed to maintaining a zero accident policy. To achieve and maintain this commitment, as well as to foster a culture of continuous improvement within our safety health and environment duties, the following policies shall be observed:

  1. KHE will comply with applicable legal and other business requirements. In those areas explicit to the Building & Construction Industry, we shall seek to apply more stringent standards and procedures where/when applicable.
  2. KHE will emphasize the awareness, education, and training of all persons working for, or on behalf of KHE team.
  • KHE maintain that health and safety of its employees, subcontractors and other persons who may be affected by the company’s activities, are our top priority, and we will do everything within our power to maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  1. KHE will take appropriate precautions to prevent all incidents/accidents, which may harm people, damage property and pollute the environment.
  2. The KHE HSE personnel will work as catalysts to ensure that all sites’ staff adhere to their respective responsibilities, providing the highest standards of safety.
  3. KHE will protect the environment by continually maintaining low levels of generated waste and minimize the consumption of resources through various activities.
  • KHE ensures the safe operation, maintenance, and inspection of all building and construction equipment and machinery.
  • KHE will continually identify the potential areas for HSE Management System improvement and install the necessary measures to implement said improvements.
  1. KHE will ensure that any party performing business with KHE is complying with all of the above health and safety provisions