The KHE Team

At KHE, we have taken the time to build a team of reputable professionals that not only meet our high standards of expertise and industry experience but also possesses our passion to providing the highest caliber in construction. Our commitment and enthusiasm combine with our innovative approach, earning us the reputation of providing trustworthy and reliable services. These values serve as a testimony to our ability. Our business is built on the foundation of repeat business and referrals from our trusted and respected clients. Some of our major clients include;

  • Captain Tigers
  • Sietco Co. Ltd
  • Intercode Agencies
  • Yatta Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Machakos County
  • Imelda Solutions
  • Tiger Motor cycles
  • Captain Motorcycles
  • Betasoft Ltd

From the very start of your collaboration with the KHE team, you will notice the passion, motivation and positive attitude of every member of your project team. Their expertise and commitment to exceeding your expectations are undeniable. Their combination of positive attitude and unyielding dedication is paramount to our collective goal of achieving a successfully executed project.

We utilize the newest technologies, including project management software, resulting in professionally compiled and presented documentation in accordance with the latest standards and legislation.

Additionally, all KHE led projects adhere to the following standards and characteristics:

  • Partnership: We are committed to creating a partnership. We work with our client’s in a consultative manner to design and develop the best possible solutions for your organization.
  • Awareness: Acute awareness of the latest ‘Green’ engineering technology, optimizing your design specs while conserving/protecting the Motherland.
  • Industry Professionals: Skilled, educated engineers who offer efficient and precise advice that guarantees the highest caliber of results.
  • Personal Attention: Single point of contact to lead your project from start to finish.
  • Timely Execution: We understand that time is valuable, and we always meet our deadlines. On time and within/under budget, protecting  your bottom line.
  • One-stop shop: Our professionals can do it all. We offer you a one-stop shop to meet all of your design and installation needs.
  • Health and Safety: At KHE we are dedicated to the health and safety of every individual that steps foot on our site. We consistently complete regular site audits to ensure KHE’s health and safety policies are 100% effectively implemented.

Our approachable management style is founded on a model that can be pursued without the restrictions associated with external shareholders. We operate in a manner that encourages meaning decisions to be executed quickly and efficiently.The flexibility of our management team and the members of the Board of Directors ensure that we will meet your every requirement. Together we will achieve success.